Friday, July 27, 2007

What's going on

I felt like posting a blog tonight. I put the boys to bed early because Luke is in the ER tonight and it gives me a break. They don't really go to sleep when I do that, so Noah is kicking the wall and Adrian just hit his head I think because he's crying now. The question is, will he leave his bead so I can kiss his owie knowing he'll get a spank for getting out of bed? What a trade off. He's stopped crying so I think he'll sooth himself it seems. Jude got his two month shots today. They just keep adding new things...Rotavirus, Hep A and B...Chicken pox. Our kids aren't even going to know what Chicken pox are. =o) I've uploaded all the pictures from FL onto our computer but haven't made a slideshow yet. I'll post that when I can. It was a really fun week. I'm out of chocolate chips so I need to go make some hot cocoa instead...I can't really go a whole day without chocolate you know. I love you all. Ann

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