Monday, July 9, 2007

Update on Jude Scott

Well, little Jude is not staying little very long. He's hit 12 lbs and is still growing... sometimes it seems overnight. =o) Speaking of which, he's sleeping up to 4 hours at a time now which is a big deal for mommy who needs sleep. He just started to trust that it's OK to lay down and go to sleep without me there even when he's upset...a big deal too. I faced my OB this morning for my 6 week checkup and he was very kind, considering the fact I saw him the morning we left for South Carolina and two days later my medical records were requested from the hospital there. =o) I had all three boys with me at the appointment, Noah and Adrian watched a movie on the portable DVD player-a life saver (thanks Scott and Gigi). We're getting ready to go see Jenny & Luke this coming Monday. I'm getting really excited to see where they live...and to just see them of course. Jude is coming and I'll be traveling with Kaitlin so I'm not too stressed about the flight and traveling. Luke is in the thick of his ER rotation and has his busiest week while I'm gone in FL. We'll both be gone over our 5th anniversary the 21st. We're just saving our traveling fund for our 10th right. =o) I love you all.

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