Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We're blogging now!

In order to keep up with modern culture, it seems we need to have a blog site for people to keep track of what's going on around here. I'll be posting mostly pictures and hope our family and friends that live far away will enjoy!

The latest news is that we are looking forward to a new little one soon! We are also going to South Carolina this coming week and hope that baby will wait to join the family until we get back to Indianapolis. In any case, there is a nice little hospital on the island we are visiting and with Jenny the labor and delivery nurse and three other medical people on the trip, I feel pretty well taken care of. =o) I'll post pictures of all that excitement when it happens.

I graduated with an associates degree in computer information systems (web design) from Ivy Tech this month (picture of grad announcement is posted). Just in time too, with the little on coming. Luke is officially done with the third year of medical school...one more to go before residency. We'll know where we are headed for that this coming March. Luke has pretty much decided to do Pediatrics (little people) to start with and then is planning on doing a fellowship working with premature infants. We'll keep you posted.

Jenny and Luke adopted a little guy from here in Indianapolis. They named him Luca and we love his good natured personality and big huge smile (that's him with Adrian).

The other picture is of the boys "helping" me make sugar cookies. We've been working on some home schooling stuff with Noah and cooking seems to be a huge hit when it comes to activities to keep these two little crazies busy.


Dad said...


I'm your first official comment it seems.

Wow...pretty cool stuff....a blogging mother. I am so proud of you......so tech savvy and all.

Your a tough lady Ann.....2.95 kids...Associate degree......great spirit....good marriage.....wonderful daughter.....and fearless about delivering a child somewhere between here and SC.

I want you to know just how proud I am of you.

Love you so.....Dad

Clint said...

Hey cool pics!

Don't have the new baby in the next 5 days...ok?

:o) Love you,