Monday, December 18, 2017

life in pictures...6 month recap

So we left off when Gi turned 4 right...?  If anyone ever checks this sad blog space again after a 6 months no posting streak, here is a recap. :)  Mary Ann...this one goes out to you. ;)

We had one of those magical art sessions that starts out great and ends in paint everywhere and dried out sponge brushes that need thrown out.  But it was fun using the new back deck space.

 The kids spent a fare amount of time out in the hot tub this summer as well.  It can be annoying to drain when the water gets funky but I think it's worth the effort and we do have to drain it a lot since the chlorine levels are kept at super low levels.
 Lots of warm days were spent soaking in the sun at Caleb and Laura's house too!  We are so happy to have them only 25 min away! :)  It's been amazing cousin time.
 Gi showing off some tights on the way outside...her antics keep us all quite entertained.  The other day she asked me if her hair was "great or disgusting"  Where does she get this stuff from? :D
 This is an old picture of the kitchen.  I need to take a full one with the counter cleaned off!  I'm really happy with the kitchen reno though and the space looks much bigger than before with the cabinets white on top.  We didn't replace any appliances... we'll wait for them to die I guess. :)
 Love this picture with Jenny.  She just finished her two years in Grenada so we'll see her soon this month!!  This was taken in Hilton Head on our yearly family vaca all together.
 Our campout in our trailer on the way to Hilton Head this year. :)
 We spent time out at the pond and Rich and Samantha as well this summer.  Lots of family time the last 6 months which is just perfect. :)
 They threw a party for Gi...who loved all the attention. ;)

 Slowly fixing things here at there at the new house... this iron piece was broken.
 Ta-da! :D
 This picture was on instagram...Noah got his braces off :D woot wooot
 Christian finally got his dog...after begging and pleading for years.  Luke and I finally decided that even though we may not be serious dog people, we are serious kid people and we wanted this experience for them.  She has been great.  Her name is Puella (Latin for sweetheart/girl)
She is half pointer (random examples pictured blow) and half Lab and maybe beagle.  We don't know what daddy was so not really sure but we ordered a DNA test kit to do for a homeschool project to find out.  That should be fun. :)
 Vincent turned one and just started walking :D  I've been soaking up his little baby stage as much as possible knowing it goes so fast.
 Our heated driveway was replaced.  I had my first experience not being able to drive up the drive after the first that is behind me.  I got the heat coils turned on and spread salt and then was on my way.  Our driveway is really quite steep it turns out. :D
 Still enjoying Conner Prairie 

Symphony on the prairie...
 I presented at three day practicums for Classical Conversations over the summer.  Good times explaining the square of opposition. :)
 This room is mostly done...I need a new rug but waiting for puppy training to finish up before purchasing that. ;)
 These two are my walking buddies...this stroller has been a great bike trailer as well for vacations.
Gi always fills our need for a little girl around here all the way up...she's like having four girls sometimes with her energy levels and girly attitude. :) ha
 Her first day at CC class...
Helping me clean...
Sometimes enjoying me doing her hair...if I don't pull...
Crazy about spending time with her older girl cousins...
 Ash kait and I did the go girl triathlon this was fun to do together...
Luke was crazy and filled in for someone on a soccer league game...and tore his ACL. boooo he has surgery Jan 17th with a surgeon he went to school with in West Lafayette first two years of med school. So full circle on that. :)
 Grandpa Moe and grandma alice came for a visit and got to see "little Moe" (Vincent Maurice)
Trying to keep school lively around here...sometimes it works... 
 Noah toured the state house with his CC class
 We made homemade egg noodles...not an everyday project but very fun
 shoes anyone...???
 We made a run for it to FL this Nov and it was great :)  We hit a warm week thankfully.

 If you find'll prob find the dog as well...
 Either that or she is by me... ;)
Merry Christmas and see you on the other side ;)
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gisella is 4 today...

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Schafers on the Knoll

We've moved!  Feel free to message me on Facebook if you need the new address for anything (user name AnRene ;)  Also in all the craziness I've mostly been posting on Instagram @sohappytogetherrr

Things have been understandably crazy around here as we finished up our Classical Conversations school year and set up house at our new address.  We were not actually looking to move for another few years but the market got hot in Indy and we found a house we loved.  The two combined for an early move and our house sold after being on the market only two days. Hoooray for not showing the house longer than that with a baby and the kiddos trying to make the house un-showable :)

Here's what we've been doing...

The girls came over for mothers day!  So fun having family in the house to make it feel more homey. We missed Annie, Alesa and Jenny :(

The previous owners did a great job painting all the walls in main areas a cream color with white trim before putting it on the market which I'm so happy I don't have to do.  But...the bathrooms... 90s paper in three of them.  We are slowly working on these as time permits.  Should be fun before and after photos though. :)
 downstairs bath...

I embraced the glam in here and went with a light pink to go with the black tile accents and gold-it looks two shades darker in the is room than I thought it would without natural light from windows but I still like it thankfully.  I'm going to rough plaster the walls by the tub since the walls are already rough under the paper in there.

This is my favorite room in the whole house.  It makes me so happy to be in here.  Furniture from World Market.
This is what the fan and the blades were patterned...It was the only thing that was bringing the sunroom down.
 This is the only picture on my phone of the new one...half installed.  It's a big improvement on the faux marble fan :)
 hosting family!  Makes it feel like a home for sure having cousins running around.
This is what I hope to do with a section of mirrors in our entry way instead of trashing them.  Even though the house isn't old enough to be antique and preserved...I'm trying to be carful with what I rip out and have tried to update what is here.  I don't want to make everything over modern and then have it end up being dated with that look in ten years. :)
 For now, we have a color in map to cover the huge expanse of mirrors that look like a dance studio ;)
 We are painting the cabinets and updating hardware to gold pulls.  The top cabinets will be matching white to the rest of the trim in the house but I'm waiting on a sale at Sherwin Williams since the exact matching paint for cabinets I need is so expensive!  :P

 This room was all about this painting and we worked with different samples trying to accent it.  These were too light and the trim disappeared.  I'm really glad we got samples before painting.
 We settled on Benjamin Moore "Hale Navy" since it kept the trim as the star and I really like it.  It was risky as navy pulls the house back to 90s colors but with the light updated I think it works.
New light-coordinates with the star feature in the wood by the front door.
The artist stopping by to see her work framed and hung :)
The inspiration for the light.  I love the craftsmanship of this star!
A chunk of our reno budget is going to the stair runner so it can be a nice sturdy wool one-it should be worth it as it will hold up and hide the heavy traffic it will see.  The stairs are the first thing you see on entering the front door.  The navy and pink in this runner have got to go as I've used both of these colors in paint already and want them to be fresh and updated and not conservative, frilly and 90s like this runner.  It's sad to replace it though since it's installed so well and it still in decent shape.
This is the master bedroom and I found this wrought iron frame on craigslist for a steal of a deal.  Love craigslist sometimes :D
 Subject goes on and the these are our Spring soccer league players. :)

 Gi enjoying the family picnic snacks and face paint
 In other Gi news...first dental apt
 And giving dead snakes rides on her trike.

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