Sunday, August 21, 2016

Life in Pictures...

I've been poorly documenting our lives lately.  Maybe because I'm feeling bigger pregnant and don't want any pictures of I just don't take pictures at all- but for whatever reason...I have less pictures.  Here are a few :D

 Adrian found a baby bird
 Gi's doll she got for her birthday-she named it Shushie with no hesitation :)
 we called this the misty lady coffee art-mom somehow made this masterpiece -ha
 When you get injured on one of our least you get a lot of good care from family members and a personal plastic surgeon consult. :D
 We went surf hunting for crabs before doing our low country boil for our night to cook and got three of them (blue crabs).  Isaac and I cleaned them after watching a video tutorial-good times
 the first had died in the fridge from being too cold overnight so he's dead already if you're feeling bad for the fellow.
 walked a mile in crazy heat for ice-cream as a just our family activity...not sure it was wroth the mile trek one way at midday but we promised the boys so...promised fulfilled.  And that's what I have on my pictures of soccer on the beach or the boat outing they I said, not doing to great grabbing my camera for pictures of late.
 Clifty Falls for my birthday.  We had a good time with Caleb and Laura for two nights.
 That is the true edge drop off right there was freaking me out. :P

 cozy nap after a morning hike.
 camp food...
 I'm 27+ weeks now but here is a recent bump picture
 the kiddos on Luke's side had cousins camp the last three days and we hit lake MI
 This lake is so beautiful
 And with the big kids with grandma we had the two littles and Laura and I took them to the library and a coffee shop.  Gi was thrilled as I don't often take her to coffee shops apparently...she kept telling anyone who would listen that she'd gone.
 double trouble these two
 Gisella dressed herself and put on a 80s headband...lookout world...she's got this fashion thing down haha ;)
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gisella Rene` turns 3

Gisella one year old
Giselle two years old
Gisella three years old

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Life in pictures...

Field trip to Fair Oaks farms with cousins! :D  Very cool exhibits here, the kids loved it.  Dressed as vets in lab coats below
 Merry-Go-Round cow version 
 The climbing area with harnesses

 Small harnesses were too cute :)

 Magnetic wall climb
 Gi is officially potty trained-boom
 Spring-egg laying has picked up again
 garden boxes are planted

 We used a little electric tiller this year-worked well

 Jude is 9
 Pool time
 Ummm.... okay.... At least they left the walkie
 soccer finished up strong.  The younger boys enjoyed their first year
 nesting for baby...
 Clifty falls, we really enjoyed our time there and will be going back in Aug for my birthday overnight.
 Gi rode along in my "pack-pack" as she calls my 65L back pack. :D
 boys kept finding cool fossils :)

 Christian continues to be a wasp/bee magnet.  Stung in the ear-looked like a little elf.
 mud slide in the back yard with cousins...
 Mounds state park field trip with CC

 knitting obsession has picked up again while pregnant.  I've made a winter cap and now working on a blanket.
 Free couch set from a came over and we started pushing furniture around as she insisted they were way too cool to be in the basement.
 Sorting books for this school year
 And here is a bumpy picture.  I'm 20 weeks today and the time is FLYING by this pregnancy.  It's crazy.  We have an ultrasound this afternoon but I think we are going to wait for the huge reveal on gender at the birth this time.  You know...unless I "accidentally" see something today at the apt. ;)

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