Thursday, March 30, 2017

Life in pictures...

I got to be at little Zander's birth :)  Such a sweet little thing.
 I tried making meals out in measured portions while things are crazy with little Vincent and breastfeeding combined with all the other things going on.
 I can't handle how much space it takes up in our fridge...and I didn't like being told what to eat even though I'm the one that made the meals. ha  So moving forward, I've just been making a bunch of turkey, rice and cooking up a bunch of veggies and having them ready to go/heat up in the fridge but in big containers not portioned out.  Seems to work better for me.
Luke darlings  birthday came and went...we got this cake mostly to make Gi laugh. :) it worked
 maple syrup CC field trip

 Vince looking very much like a mix of two families here...
 Little Bree is here (Clint and Alesa's)
 Christian and Willem's birthdays were pretty low fan faire this year. ;)  Because....
 WE ARE STAGING A HOUSE FOR SALE!  What!?  I've never sold a home and thankfully it's a major sellers market in Indy right now.  We got two offers in two days.  Hopefully it's over because showing a house with seven kids is NOT dreamy.
Finding treasure while packing boxes.  Yep that's Jenny Clint and I
Being the sixth boy can get pretty exciting...magnet hats and all.
 Take a good look because our basement is never going to be this clean again while we live here.
 Noah's ChB class goes to the court house for a field trip before they do their mock trial.
 Sour dough adventures continue...
 Kids making egg protectors for science at school-we drop them next week on our last community day :)
 Our family is spending a lot of time at climb time lately...
 Connor Prairie in the Spring...
 a make and take candle...this took a bit longer than the traditional dip one time candle station they usually do.  This treetop area is new and a lot of fun.  I'm excited for Spring soccer, flowers...and the new adventures at the new house.  Lots of interior design before and after photos are likely to come.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January stuff...

Well...this cute little squish ball has been getting all my time and I mean all of it.  Over the Fall break of school and through the holiday season I pretty much just soaked in the love and now I have a two month old. WHAT?  His head is in the 90th percentile and he's pushing 14 pounds so I think he's settled into eating enough without too much trouble.  He'll need the size being the youngest of six brothers. May the force be with him. ;) ha

 When I wasn't feeding or holding the new little one, I got to help Noah with his first science fair project.  Super fun.  I never did one in school, so I got to live through Noah's and this project. ha

We made an electrophoresis gel (used to match DNA samples) to test different candy dye coatings.

Agar gel setting up in a soap dish.
 here are the results of the green dye...not that it makes much sense without the full explanation but the dye split into yellow and blue bands as seen in the picture as it moved through the gel from it's starting point.  How far the color band moves showed the size of the color particles.  bigger ones have a harder time moving through the gel.  pretty fab to see it actually work.
 Also tested red dye
 Hooking up the electricity to get the dye to moved-we used batteries (9V) to power it.
Side view of how far the color band moved- it started at the second grey line on the soap dish
 annnnnd a top view...
 and random other pictures we took for Noah's poster of collecting the colors and gel prep :)

 And that's what's been going on around here lately! :)
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Friday, December 9, 2016

Newborn Vincent Maurice

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

A birth story in pictures...

Vincent Maurice Schafer 8 lbs 9 oz 20.5 inches 8:49A 11-20-1016

It started with a castor oil milk shake, lemon wedge chaser, a chocolate square and three Swedish fish... 40 weeks 3 days pregnant and impatient (it actually started with trying to scramble the oil in eggs and me almost gagging into the sink with Luke shaking his head and throwing the eggs in the trash ;) ha I don't recommend the egg method.  

 I had prodromal labor with this little one that kept Luke and I on our toes.  My OB was very clear that she wanted us at the hospital if my contractions were 5 min apart for monitoring since we had Gi in triage last time.  As a result, Luke had to drive me to the hospital at all hours of the night three times before the real deal and active labor (one of the trips was the evening before we had him).  I drove myself in twice and timed contractions in the parking lot two nights when he was on shift as well.  The prodromal labor got me to 4cm and holding at a high station the week before I was due but not active labor until I downed the castor oil shake.  I was very ready to end the two week long labor. 

The night after I downed the shake, I woke up to a contraction and thought maybe my water was leaking when I stood up, but wasn't sure...turns out it was for real this time...though it felt like all the other times we drove in at 2am and I was worried we would have to wait a long time for contractions to pick up or I would be stuck with deciding if we we would stay or leave for home again (My OB was very willing to admit me the other times we drove in...but I wanted to be in active labor and not break my water to get things moving so we kept leaving for home to wait it out instead of getting things moving other ways).  It seems my labors are very dependent on emotions and feeling of safety until I get to 5 to 6 cm and the point of no return.  For example, starting my hep lock took 20 minutes even though they had anesthesiology come in to do it (since my lines don't start easily-one of the main reasons I need it placed early, even if I don't need IV meds, in case I need it).  My contractions stopped for a half an hour after just from me hating the whole blowing out and knotting veins fallout-  ick.  I had to lay in bed alone just chilling to get contractions to ramp back up again.  The mind is a powerful thing.
After being checked, and confirming my water was leaking a little bit and I was dilated more than the last time we were there (only hours before in triage the previous evening)...I knew I was staying and got to use the tub to settle in.  This is the only labor I've ever used a tub at the hospital and not at home before leaving.  It was really nice.  There waterproof monitor wasn't dependable enough to leave me in there indefinitely though and I had to get out for checks and ended up using the ball from 6cm on so I wasn't getting in and out.  
All the stages of labor seemed to take an hour or two longer than my normal...well...turns out it takes longer to have an 8 lb 9 oz baby than a 7 lb one.  I was not expecting such a huge baby and I was also thinking it was a girl.  So when they put him on my chest I was basically stunned by his size and that his face looked so much like a boy-which makes sense since he is indeed a boy. ;) ha
Oh the cramps after having the baby...they get worse with each one I feel like.
We had the baby at IU North, they are really good about waiting awhile to weigh the baby and give plenty of time for snuggling right after they are born.
Vince has big feet and wide spaced toes. :)
 Since we had Vincent in the morning, the kids were at the hospital within an hour or so of his birth.  They each got to guess if they thought the baby was a boy or girl with cookies we made before hand (grey for a boy and pink for a girl). Adrian looked at Vince and said "Well I hope it's a boy" Haha... I guess he thought he looked pretty masculine at that point.

watching a movie with the whole crew...
and home... we love you little Vin

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